Paul Bernard
Dev, Ops & SysAdmin
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About me

I'm curious, passionate about new technologies, web and innovative concepts.

Personal Information

Education : 5 years IT degree from EISTI

TOIEC : 840 / 990 (April 2010)

Hobbies : Handball, Photo, Music, Motorbike


Programming : Java, C, Bash

Web : Html/Css, JavaScript, nodeJS

Other : Docker, Linux, Git, Build Management


French : Mother tongue

English : Professional Skills

Spanish : Intermediate

Job history

All my jobs.

  • @ INT , @ Total

    March 2017

    Dev, Ops, SysAdmin

    Building Dev & Prod Docker Environment.

    Setting up private docker registry.

    Setting up an internal Kubernetes test cluster.

    Deploy a micro services-oriented application in a Swarm cluster for Total.

    Management of production tools (Jenkins, Sonar ...).

    Server deployment and maintenance.

    Firewall configuration (iptables).

    Setting up monitoring solution (monit, zabbix).

    Setting up VPN with strongswan and openvpn.

  • @ INT , @ Total

    Feb 2014

    Integrator and BuildManager

    Code integration (mainly Java).

    Build Management (Maven, Jenkins, Nexus).

    Setting up tools like Git, Gerrit, Jenkins ...

    Working on the CIG platform at Total.

  • @ INT , @ Total

    March 2013

    R & D Enginner

    Correction and developments under the Application Maintenance for Sismage at Total.

    Test Plan (QFtest) on the Sismage product from Total.

    Environment : Linux, Eclipse, Java, Maven, QFtest, Mantis, IceScrum.

  • @ INT

    Jan 2012

    R & D Enginner

    Development of modules for the INTERWELL platform.

    Skill improvement : Netbeans, Java, Ant, Geosciences.

  • @ INT

    Nov 2011

    Developments Enginner

    Plugin development of INTViewer "CRS Stacking" around the NetBeans Platform for Total.

    Skills improvement : Geosciences and Oil industry.

  • @ Thalès Service

    May 2011 - October 2011

    End of study internship

    Analysis and Programming Internship (Asp.NET).

    Development of an application site for a major group of aeronautics.

    Use of the Airbus Generic Process Project (GPP).

  • @ Exakis

    June 2010 - October 2010


    Analysis and Programming Internship around .NET and Agile method (Scrum).

    Development of an e-learning site (SharePoint based) and a repository synchronization tools.

    Using Microsoft tools : Visual Studio 2010, Team Foundation Server 2010 ...

  • It all

Contact Me


23 rue du Synringa

64000 Pau, FRANCE


+33 6 12 77 46 97